Knitter's Block Kit | Cocoknit
Knitter's Block Kit | Cocoknit
Knitter's Block Kit | Cocoknit
Knitter's Block Kit | Cocoknit

Knitter's Block Kit | Cocoknit

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A full kit for all your blocking needs! 

This kit comes with 18 interlocking foam tiles, a gauge cloth woven in 1" squares for measuring your work while you block, and a tin of 40 t-pins for holding everything in place. All the tiles together are enough space for two sweaters, and everything fits nice and snug in a reusable jute bag!

Cocoknits has designed these foam tiles specifically for knitters and textile artists. They have a fuzzy piled side that your knits and wovens will cling to, making the stretching and manipulating process alot easier. And the waterproof foam on the underside will keep from your wet fabric soaking through to your furniture or floors!

Don't want the whole kit? We sell the t-pins, gauge cloths, and knitter's blocks individually as well.

INCLUDES: 18 foam tiles, 1 gauge cloth, tin of 40 t-pins, jute bag


Tiles: Fiber-topped EVA waterproof heat resistant foam

Cloth: 100% cotton

T-pins: Stainless steel


Tiles: 30x30cm (12x12")

Cloth: 120x120cm (48x48")

T-pins: 4cm (1.5") length

Cocoknits products are made with high quality materials which are ethically sourced from the US, China, and Morocco. This kit comes in a sturdy reusable jute tote. Learn more about the brand's values here.

These foam tiles are great for knitters, crocheters, weavers, felters - anyone who uses textiles! All the tiles interlock with one another, so you can create multiple different sizes and shapes to match whatever you're blocking. 

Once you're tiles are set up, lay your gauge cloth overtop the tiles, and place your wetted piece onto the cloth. Manipulate your fabric by tugging gently, until it's at the measurements you want, and the shape is even and flat. The 1" squares on the gauge cloth help to measure your work as you block it. Use t-pins to hold it in place, then simply leave it pinned on the tiles until it's fully dry.